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Nothing Is Ever Real On Social Media. Tonto Dikeh, A Case Study.
So, Tonto Dikeh invested all that money, time and energy to make us believe she had the best husband and life? The luxury cars, jewelries, vacation, birthday parties and clothes. Only to tell us they were all lies? That he never bought her anything, that she was just putting... Read more
10 Good Reasons Why You Should Drink A Beer!
Beer falls into one of the dearest beverages on the planet. If you ever felt guilty about drinking it, you are surely wrong. Beer is highly recommended for your health and it has the same antioxidant content as wine. This means, it is packed with vitamin B and protein,... Read more
Don’t take your beauty for granted, comedian Koffi tells women
At the unveiling of Mason de Beauté, a Lekki, Lagos-based contemporary and digital spa recently, Comedian Koffi who comperéd the event said women should do well to take their beauty seriously as it is critical to keeping their relationships spicy and going. “Some women in relationships, over time, begin... Read more
20 locations adventurous couples should consider having sex before they die
Sorry, for adventurous couples, your BED isn’t one of them! A parking lot Bonus points if it’s in someone else’s car. A park Bonus points if it’s on the merry-go-round and you don’t throw up. On a boat Bonus points if you can re-enact the Jack and Rose scene... Read more
Couples, excuse the bed: Try doing it in these other places
Variety is the spice of life, but this doesn’t apply in marriage. But it can apply intra-marriage if you catch the drift! This is for couples who understand the meaning of adventure! Sex in a bed can be amazing, but sometimes you need to kick it up a notch.... Read more
The in-law factor: Why should he send money to your parents?
On family organized prostitution…! For a number of women, part of their objective for getting married is to have a man who will take care of their parents/families by way of making money available to the latter. Let’s stop training our girls to only think of what they can... Read more
6 facts about condoms that explain these hilariously bad stock photos
Learning about sex is awkward. Not as awkward as these weird stock photos of condoms, though. At least this session of sex-ed is funny! 1. Condoms are not reusable If you take a condom off for any reason at any time during sex, replace it with a new condom. 2.... Read more
Confession: My husband is my boyfriend on Facebook, Whatsapp & BBM and he does not know
I have been married to my hubby for 8 years and we are blessed with 4 boys which I had vaginally. After my last boy, my marriage went from bad to worse; as in, getting my husband attention over the years has been very difficult. To have sex with... Read more
Lover boy bolts off at the sight of eight girls in one single date
You won’t believe this but it happened to a lover boy. What ladies do to men who are falling for them! A young man working for a company attached to the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) in Lagos invited his new babe for a date. The girl is... Read more
Sex between 12 and 3am leads to unanswered prayers – Pastor
A Ghanaian twitter user shared this truly riveting revelation given to him by his pastor about sex act done at night! @HR_Blackness disclosed that a senior minister said to him that sex between the hours of 12 and 3am was truly dangerous even for married couples. He claimed his pastor... Read more