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#AskDrKongo: I can MASTURBATE to ORGASM when I’m ALONE but with my PARTNER, never. Why?
Dear Dr. Kongo, Here’s a question that I bet a lot of women have I certainly do. As a relative newcomer to sexual experience, I don’t seem to be having transcendental orgasms . The guy seems to have it much easier it’s all he can do to keep from... Read more
LADIES! Ways To Care For Vagina To Avoid Odor
Unusual vaginal odor happens from time to time. Even when you’re taking good care of your body and your vagina, you may experience unfamiliar smells. What’s not normal, however, is persistent or strong odors. Your vagina cleanses itself naturally. If you leave your vagina to its own devices, it... Read more
Guys, 6 Warning Signs of Penile Cancer Should NEVER Ignore
Penile cancer is the disease that has over the years belittled able bodied men. These are symptoms of the deadly disease you must watch out for. Penile cancer has increased more than 20% in the last 30 years, but do you know the signs to look out for? While... Read more
Stillbirth! What Causes it?
When a baby dies in the womb after 20th week of pregnancy, it is called stillbirth. Stillbirths often happen before a woman goes into labor, sometimesduring labor and birth. Stillbirths are not that uncommon, as one in 200 babies is stillborn. Dealing with stillbirth can be quite hard for... Read more
Can You Have Sex 3 Weeks After C-Section?
When recovering from a cesarean delivery, you may think sex won’t be a big deal. After all, you didn’t go through the demands of vaginal delivery. You could even be considering having sex 3 weeks after cesarean section. Can you do it? Three weeks is too soon. While you... Read more
Advanced Prostate Cancer!
Prostate cancer is a slow moving disease. You may have no signs of it for years. But the bad part is that by the time the man actually begins to show signs of having prostate cancer he may already be in stage IV. Symptoms may start to show when... Read more
Health Effect of Smoking During Pregnancy
The health effect of smoking during pregnancy is risky and sometimes deadly. Smoking is dangerous to the health as it is always preached. But it is more dangerous when you smoke while you are pregnant. This act of smoking while pregnant puts your life and that of your unborn... Read more
Your Man Maybe The Reason You Can’t Get Pregnant
Fertility and the chances of conceiving are influenced by many different factors. The balance of hormones, the menstrual cycle and ovulation are all important aspects affecting women, but for men, the sperm are the key. When looking at sperm health, you need to bear three factors in mind: sperm... Read more
Can an Abortion Prevent Future Pregnancies?
Women procure abortions for a number of reasons which may be personal or medical. The procedure involves stopping a pregnancy from going on to full term. However, a woman who chooses an abortion may still want to have children later in life, when she is ready for it. If... Read more
#Warning – Smokers Are Liable To Live Long
You might have fallen into the trap of one of the deadliest causes of lung cancer knowingly or unknowingly. Yes, it is the cigarettes. The innumerable toxins contained in the cigarettes destroy the lungs entirely. Well, if you realize that smoking is actually injurious to health and want to... Read more