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#AskDrKongo: I can MASTURBATE to ORGASM when I’m ALONE but with my PARTNER, never. Why?
Dear Dr. Kongo, Here’s a question that I bet a lot of women have I certainly do. As a relative newcomer to sexual experience, I don’t seem to be having transcendental orgasms . The guy seems to have it much easier it’s all he can do to keep from... Read more
Open letter to parents: Corporal punishment should be corrective, not violent
Dear Editor, Having followed your articles and found them very informative with respect to all forms of human relationship, I humbly write to share my story with Kopnomi readers, as it concerns parents. A group of friends was discussing their parents and I noticed each of them had divided... Read more
RE: Believe it or not: Your wife might cheat
Kopnomi reader and contributor, Voge Mbachu, writes in a response to our earlier published story (Believe it or not: Your wife might cheat). We present her rejoinder. Believe it or not, this story is true and on the increase. We can attribute this behavior to the fact that, before... Read more