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Use these questions to check if you’re in a healthy relationship that will last for life
Most people like to have a healthy relationship. Yet, it can be a dream too hard to realise if you don’t know what to look out for! All relationships are different but turn out the really, really good ones have one hell of a lot in common. Based on... Read more
The ONE mental shift you need for mind-blowing intimacy with our spouse
Sting was sitting on Oprah’s couch talking about sex. It was 2003 and I was 30 years old. He waxed poetic about his hours long lovemaking sessions. The women in the audience swooned. I scoffed from the safety of my living room. His message was so at odds with... Read more
Why keeping score in relationships doesn’t work
It’s a common relationship trap: to tally up all the ways that you give and your partner doesn’t work well with relationships. I’m always the one who takes out the trash, you think as you take the trash out for the fourth time that month. Why am I always the one... Read more
Heartbreak: There are more fish in the sea…
“Love yourself, do things that you enjoy and you’ll be in a much better state to find a partner who will not let you go through a heartbreak.” Almost everyone experiences heartbreak at some point in their lives. Some react by heading straight out to look for new love.... Read more
One heartbreak shouldn’t destroy you
With life so full of limitless opportunities, why should one heartbreak destroy you and stop your happiness? So much happiness lies ahead Life is a series of events. I want you to look at that statement, and then I want you to read it again. Life is a series... Read more
Sex and love are two very different things … don’t confuse them
Men are horny creatures, and that means they want to screw everything that moves. Back in the times of yore, a man who slept with a woman was expected to marry her — or at least pay her. It wasn’t really a matter of love. Sex and love mix but mean different... Read more
Do you know what you deserve in a relationship?
Most people get into a relationship without really taking time to figure out what they really want and what they really deserve. Check this list. 1. Someone who challenges you You deserve a partner who isn’t afraid to disagree with you, have constructive conversations, and help you learn more about... Read more
Marriage: Do you wish you knew what you now know?
Ask any newlywed and they will tell you that your first year of marriage is an exciting time. As you and your sweetie are learning how to merge your lives together, so many things are new and wonderful — no doubt about it. But if there’s one thing that... Read more
Mistakes wives make in marriage
Wives: When you stood in front of your family and friends, the officiant and your new husband and you recited your vows, at one point or another, you probably heard the officiant mention something about “two lives becoming one”. Oh, but it wasn’t until the two of you got... Read more
Sex dreams: What you do in dreamland and what they could mean in real life
If you’ve ever woken up appalled at the face of your chosen sex partner while you were sleeping and having sex dreams, this might clear up some questions. Raunchy dreams could mean a lot more than you first thought. Everyone’s woken up from a steamy, raunchy dream that left... Read more