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#MamaIyabo: I Asked My Boyfriend To Sleep With Someone Else
My boyfriend and I have been together for approximately three years. Since we started sleeping with one another, a large part of our fantasy life has included the idea of sleeping with other people, infidelity, swinging, and dissolving the rules of monogamy. A few weeks ago, we began toying... Read more
#MamaIyabo: Am Worried I’m A Nymphomaniac
I’m beginning to wonder if I’m a nymphomaniac. No jokes or sarcasm here, I’m truly concerned. Realistically, I KNOW that I’m not a sex addict (I looked up the definition because I was so worried) but it is beginning to run my life and I don’t know what to... Read more
My Struggle With Infertility
The struggle to conceive has taken over my life. I’m not one of those women who coo over babies or gaze longingly at a pregnant belly. I haven’t thought hard about, or chosen, the names of my unborn children. But I did assume that one day there would actually... Read more
Women and The Struggle To Become Pregnant
Women of all races and backgrounds struggle to become pregnant, but most infertility studies focus only on wealthy white or European women. Why? Because studies typically look only at women actively seeking treatmentwhich can cost tens of thousands of dollarsand most of these women happen to be white. Research... Read more
8 Love Lessons Women Should Learn From Mistresses
To really benefit from this article, you’ll first have to get down from your high horse this instance. Stop bashing the mistress, the other woman, whatever you call her. Whether you like it or not, mistresses exist for a reason. They thrive because they’re better than you in ways... Read more
Why She’s Faking It

Why She’s Faking It

Mama Iyabo February 24, 2017 0

Im about to shatter a lot of bubbles right now: I fake it. A lot. Like, 90 percent of the time, actually. In fact…most women fake orgasm at least sometimes, according to recent research from Canada. Sorry. No, but actually I am sorry. This is a horrible habit that... Read more
Why do men cheat? This is why
There’s nothing more effective at keeping a man from cheating than a good relationship. The simple element of guilt, if he so much as contemplates infidelity, is more powerful than the fear of a breakup, ostracism by friends and family, or contracting an incurable disease. Still, there is no surefire... Read more
Things guy will never do if he sees a future with you
He might be serious, but not about you. When you’re in a relationship, it’s natural to think about the future. Whether that means marriage, children, or just moving into some dope house together and partying out your days, it’s normal to wonder about what the future of your relationship might... Read more
What women want in bed

What women want in bed

Mama Iyabo September 26, 2016 0

It’s an age-old question that’s been fuelling the plots of romantic comedies for decades. It’s no secret that men and women have different tastes and preferences for what they like between the sheets. But when it comes to actually speaking up about the things that get us off, women, in... Read more
If she’s not sleeping with you anymore, here are the reasons
It’s been weeks since you and your lady got it on. Or maybe, even months. Which is tough to swallow, because things started off so well between the two of you. But somehow, you went from not being able to keep your hands off each other to barely kissing... Read more