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Sexually active older men are more vulnerable to heart disease than older women – Report
Report says great sex is linked to heart disease for older men but not for women If you’re an older man in a relationship and you have sex once a week or more, you may be twice as likely to have a heart attack, stroke or another cardiovascular event... Read more
Old-age sex: See US octogenarians who are not too old to do it
Old-age sex is something most people think do not exist, as it is believed sex hormones would have depleted by then. But these US octogenarians in a Nursing Home are still hot for each other, and banging the life out of it! When Audrey Davison met someone special at... Read more
Married men who don’t have extramarital sex are dead men, Village Chief says
During a social function in Lagos, this past weekend, a businessman of the Igbo extraction attended the function with two women flanking him on both sides. He walked majestically, with significant are of pride, into the venue and drew the attention of nearly all the people seated there as... Read more
Awesome relationship advice from experts: A must-read for every adult
Relationships are hard. They take a lot of dedication, focus, and work. Finding the right person to settle down with can often feel like a very frustrating game of chance. And even when you do find the right one, you’ll still have your work cut out for you as... Read more
What should love and romance be like in old age?
Is there any specific duration or age in life for successful and satisfying romance? Most people seem confused at this question. It is a common misconception that romance is meant only for young adults or teenagers. Romance in old age is often considered a taboo. But in fact, age... Read more