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Should You Believe In Blood Transfusion: A True Story Should You Believe In Blood Transfusion: A True Story
Hes a very vibrant, meticulous and well devoted young man, handsomely looking and strongly desired by most women because of his sense of humor,... Should You Believe In Blood Transfusion: A True Story

Hes a very vibrant, meticulous and well devoted young man, handsomely looking and strongly desired by most women because of his sense of humor, disciplined lifestyle and coupled with his tolerant characteristics but he was being juxtaposed by religion fanaticism brought about by men’s unquestionable desire for the love of that which they strongly believe in. This made his reasoning faculty to be geared towards the line of religion thus affecting his mode of thinking on critical issues, however, hes pioused and wouldn’t compromise his faith for anything.

The years were fast approaching and age wasn’t longer telling on his side, pressures were building up from friends and relatives as per why a man like him, very assiduous, devoted to his work, pleasant to behold facially and well desired by an average woman wouldn’t settle down maritally. But he shunned pressure from all nooks and crannies, being focused and never looking forward to compromising his standard based on pressures mounted on him by the presumed well-wishers.

On the 23rd March, 1981, he eventually tied the nuptial knot to a delectable and quintessence damsel, after being with her for four years, being so convinced of her obsequiousness and pugnacious tendency in swiftly responding to the enemies of their faith, ever remaining unperturbed along his religion lines. They had a well befitting, elaborate and mind blowing wedding. It was indeed a day of ecstasy and excitement, as the groom pride-fully took home his bride.

Four years later, their marriage was thrown into pandemonium since part of the things that makes marriage fulfilled has eluded them. The wife was barren for four years. They were not happy but their love for each other never went sour. They got some medical investigations done to ascertain their reproductive lives after trying several options to no avail and the results were all okay which further raised their hopes of procreation. After practically following their doctor’s advises in avoiding those things that could lead to them being unable to conceive, in conjunction with them believing in God, they against all odds, had their first child in 1985.

Two months after delivery of their first child, he was rushed to the hospital following an acute illness that got his life threatened. On getting to the hospital, they were told that the boy had neonatal sepsis with severe anemia. He needed to be transfused to be alive then the big problem came up. Their religion never allowed blood transfusion as it’s being seen as sinful and demonic. They would rather die than to allow blood transfusion. Not even blood from relatives is allowed. The doctor told them that their baby’s PCV was very low and would need to be transfused, otherwise they stand the risk of loosing him. The father blatantly refused him to be transfused, he said over his dead body, the mum, having known how long it took them to have their first baby, was not too comfortable with her husband’s decision, she couldn’t hold back her tears as they kept dropping from her eyes, she was fidgeting and crying bitterly, persuading the man to have a rethink but he remained adamant.

Time was becoming against them as their handsomely looking child was dying. Hes innocent and knew nothing about religion and his parent’s decision. The mother rushed into the room where the doctor was and asked for alternative. The doctor, looking so mean and filled with empathy, told her that the only way the boy could survive was to be transfused, no alternative. Then the woman bypassed protocols, neglected religion, refuted her husband’s rules and considered the life of her innocent son, she covertly told the doctor to do everything within his might to save her son, she said and I quote; Doctor, please, help me, I cant withstand loosing my child, I was the one that carried the pregnancy, I bore the pain of vilification as a result of my four years barrenness, my husband is a man and can change anytime, he can decide to marry another woman, please consider me, pity me and save my son, go ahead and get him transfused in secrecy without him being noticed neither any of our closed relatives or our friends in the same faith.

Hmm, it was an emotional request but the doctor also needed to protect himself lest he suffer litigation. He needed to respect the oath made by him to be emphatic, and to always do everything possible to save the life of the sick, not neglecting the wish of the patient. Having convinced himself, he and the woman reached an agreement, signed alongside with a third party as witness, since the husband was not responsive to the woman’s plight, howbeit he didn’t know that decision to transfuse their son has been reached behind closed doors in his absence.

The doctor came out to meet the both of them and told them they would need to perform an emergency procedure on the son in the theatre which was gonna take few hours, consent was allowed, the baby was taken into the theatre and secretly transfused.

After few hours, they brought him out and observed him further, the second day, hes discharged being certified fit and well. The woman was happy, the man was also filled with joy, thanking the God of his religion for saving his son not knowing that his precipitous, nonchalant and entrench approach in responding to their son’s sickness, was swindled and swayed by his subtle and pragmatic wife who couldn’t stand the risk of loosing their son.

Till today, such decision reached by the wife and the doctor remained a secret. Surprisingly, that innocent boy of yesterday who would have died of anemia as a result of failure by his parents to allow him being transfused, is now a certified pilot.

Sometimes, people make rules and compel brainwashed followers to abide by such rules, particularly those that are got to do with religion. Being religious isn’t synonymous to loosing your sense of belongings. God’s given man the ability to have solution to life threatening challenges especially those ones involving health. But a lot are still living in the primitive world where things are done in a nave way. This is why people die without fulfilling their God given purpose.

A lot are in grave not because their time were up on earth but because of ignorance, they were devoid of right knowledge and hence, they kicked the bucket instead of being expected to keep kicking and triumphing over bucket of challenges.

Dont be besotted by religion but rather, look behind that religion and question it authenticity lest you meet yourself one day in damnation. It is never God’s wish for people to die prematurely but if you see all deaths as being from God, then something is wrong with your thinking. Most deaths are due to human errors, recalcitrant lifestyles of man and wrong rules forcefully imposed on men by religious fundamentalists.


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