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There’s a New Male Birth Control That Works
Male birth control has long been a dream confined to urban legends. But a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism just delivered some super-promising news: There’s a new male birth control shot that actually works. For the study, an international team of researchers looked at a group of 266... Read more
How to prepare Tigernut Milk, the Nigerian Aphrodisiac
Have you ever wondered how to make the super healthy Tigernut milk? Is it truly an  aphrodisiac? Well, look no further. Flo of All Nigerian Recipes is teaching us how to make this drink which doubles as an aphrodisiac. For this recipe, she used: Dates. Tiger Nuts, if you... Read more
My Confession: Infertility made me a better woman
A woman’s infertility story and how it turned out well for her. At the age of 25, when she got married, Mercy was ready to have a baby. After all, it’s expected that when you get married, you should invite some the attendees of your wedding to a christening... Read more
Sexually active older men are more vulnerable to heart disease than older women – Report
Report says great sex is linked to heart disease for older men but not for women If you’re an older man in a relationship and you have sex once a week or more, you may be twice as likely to have a heart attack, stroke or another cardiovascular event... Read more
Her relationship broke down after two miscarriages, yet she still wanted a baby
After my first round of IVF, my consultant said ‘you’ll never get pregnant with those eggs.’  And those miscarriages kept hunting me. When Sarah’s three-year-old daughter, Lily, came home from creche one day asking if she could have a daddy, Sarah gently explained that she had looked for a... Read more
15 best home-made remedies to handle sexual challenges
Are you having sexual challenges with your man? These are the 15 best home remedies for impotence. Home Remedies for impotence 1.  Garlic Garlic helps me while I was battling through my own case, so I can strongly recommend that to you also. Garlic is a huge immune booster... Read more
Is your relationship at risk?
It’s so sneaky and destroys relationships so fast! As soon as I said it, I knew we were in trouble. Just a few short months ago, the thought of saying something like that would have never even crossed my mind. But now, there it was. I said it. And now, we (and our... Read more
10 body spots to touch and you will keep your man turned on
Have you found yourself lost and clueless when it comes to playing the seduction game? Well, pleasing your man is not really rocket science, especially when you know where the hot spots are. Next time, don’t limit yourself to caressing his package. Use this guide to explore other areas... Read more
Use these questions to check if you’re in a healthy relationship that will last for life
Most people like to have a healthy relationship. Yet, it can be a dream too hard to realise if you don’t know what to look out for! All relationships are different but turn out the really, really good ones have one hell of a lot in common. Based on... Read more
Family & Matrimony: It is better to marry than to cohabit
Expert says about family and marriage: “Marriage better than cohabitation.” God by creation made two of one, so again by marriage He made one of two Thomas Adam Marry and have sons and daughters. As time goes by in our marriage, it often amazes my wife and me how... Read more