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Things guy will never do if he sees a future with you
He might be serious, but not about you. When you’re in a relationship, it’s natural to think about the future. Whether that means marriage, children, or just moving into some dope house together and partying out your days, it’s normal to wonder about what the future of your relationship might... Read more
How to prepare Tigernut Milk, the Nigerian Aphrodisiac
Have you ever wondered how to make the super healthy Tigernut milk? Is it truly an  aphrodisiac? Well, look no further. Flo of All Nigerian Recipes is teaching us how to make this drink which doubles as an aphrodisiac. For this recipe, she used: Dates. Tiger Nuts, if you... Read more
What women want in bed

What women want in bed

Mama Iyabo September 26, 2016 0

It’s an age-old question that’s been fuelling the plots of romantic comedies for decades. It’s no secret that men and women have different tastes and preferences for what they like between the sheets. But when it comes to actually speaking up about the things that get us off, women, in... Read more
Maison de Beauté products will empower women – Ambassador Kehinde Bankole
Nollywood actress, Kehinde Bankole, is the ambassador for Pumoh’s digital and contemporary spa, Maison de Beauté. She spoke to Kopnomi team on her engagement, plans, and advice for women. Tell us about Kehinde Bankole My name is Kehinde Bankole. I am a Nigerian actress – a Nollywood actress. I... Read more
15 best home-made remedies to handle sexual challenges
Are you having sexual challenges with your man? These are the 15 best home remedies for impotence. Home Remedies for impotence 1.  Garlic Garlic helps me while I was battling through my own case, so I can strongly recommend that to you also. Garlic is a huge immune booster... Read more
Is your relationship at risk?
It’s so sneaky and destroys relationships so fast! As soon as I said it, I knew we were in trouble. Just a few short months ago, the thought of saying something like that would have never even crossed my mind. But now, there it was. I said it. And now, we (and our... Read more
Mind games insecure MEN bring to relationships
Bonus: How to put a stop to them all. So you’re wondering if he’s a keeper? That is, until the evening he’s a no-show for dinner, doesn’t mention forgetting your date when he calls, and then says it’s all your fault when you bring it up. You hang up (or stop texting)... Read more
Dating: What you get is better than what you wanted
Life is funny that way. With dating, these things might happen. I think we all have some idea of how we want our life to look like. Pros at picturing our future, we can get so attached to this idea of what we want that we don’t want to accept... Read more
Don’t take your beauty for granted, comedian Koffi tells women
At the unveiling of Mason de Beauté, a Lekki, Lagos-based contemporary and digital spa recently, Comedian Koffi who comperéd the event said women should do well to take their beauty seriously as it is critical to keeping their relationships spicy and going. “Some women in relationships, over time, begin... Read more
Why women leave GOOD relationships
There’s a fair share of women out there who don’t have a problem kicking a guy to the curb. Sometimes it’s better to be single if it means getting rid of the main source of our angst and frustration. Here are eleven reasons we say buh-bye to our relationships:... Read more